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Children's house AtemReich.

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At AtemReich Children's House, we care for many special, particular and very different children, but they have one thing in common: they cannot breathe without support, and often cannot move or express their needs. Many of our children have been in intensive care since their first day of life, as they need to be cared for and monitored around the clock.


If we can then offer them a place in the AtemReich children's home, it is a "sigh of relief" for many after the hectic pace of intensive care, for the children, for the families, for the siblings. Because with us they have a home with everything that goes with it: loving care, peace and quiet, the opportunity to withdraw, but also stimulation and participation through school, kindergarten, excursions and games.

In line with our holistic concept, the care of the children includes pedagogical, medical, nursing and therapeutic aspects. An interdisciplinary team of nurses, (therapeutic) pedagogues, curative education nurses, educators, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, speech therapists and pediatricians care for and support our children. In this way, each child can develop according to his or her individual potential.

The care of the children is personnel, but also technically complex and costly. We currently need

  • a new nursing bed, since the admission of a new child is pending
  • Vibrating vests and Mukostar devices.These devices help the children to cough up secretions, thus preventing the risk of pneumonia and making it easier for our children to breathe freely.

"With the purchase of two vibrating vests and two MukoStar Cough Assist devices, our children's breathing can be supported in the best possible way. The children enjoy treatment with these devices, because clear lungs unencumbered by mucus promote their well-being and prevent pneumonia."

Barbara Weltin, Managing Director, Children´s House AtemReich


Children´s house AtemReich.
Helping children breathe.

Thank you.

On behalf of our children in the AtemReich children's home and the families of our children, we would like to thank all donors for their support. Many thanks to Princess Ursula of Bavaria for her great interest in our work and your commitment, many thanks to the organizers and responsible persons of the BMW Munich branch, the musicians and the Cuvilliés Theater for organizing this wonderful benefit concert.
The collected donations help us to provide the best possible care for our children.

And the more freely one breathes, the more one lives! (T. Fontane)

Support therapy for intensive care ventilated children.

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