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This year, all proceeds from ticket sales will go to the 'Hearing-Speech-Cochlear Implants (CI)' department of the kbo Children's Center in Munich, where children with a severe hearing disorder or hearing impairment receive specialized treatment.

We are happy - in addition to the ticket price - about every small or large donation to improve the situation of children and young people in need in the long term.

You will receive a ticket in category I for 145,00 Euro, a ticket in category II for 125,00 Euro and a ticket in category III (listener seats) for 50,00 Euro.

Ticket orders can be made by phone or e-mail:
Telephone: 0174 / 232 05 78

Please note that when you order a ticket, you book a fixed seat.
The allocation of seats depends on the time of receipt of the order ("first come, first serve").

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Donate to the kbo Children´s Center Munich.


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