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Paul was born with a hearing loss bordering on deafness. At the age of six months, he was fitted with a cochlear implant (CI) on the left, and three months later on the right. Thanks to the implants and subsequent follow-up care at the kbo Children's Center in Munich, the now eight-year-old has learned to hear and understand speech.

In the "Hearing-Speech-Cochlear Implants" department of the kbo Children's Center in Munich-Großhadern, children with hearing disorders like Paul receive state-of-the-art care.


An interdisciplinary team of pediatric audiologists, audio*logists, physicists, audiological assistants, speech therapists, speech and language therapists, music therapists, social pedagogues, pediatricians and psychologists provide the best possible care and therapy for children and adolescents with hearing aids and cochlear implants. This interdisciplinary treatment under one roof is unique in Germany.

In order to provide the best possible care for children with hearing aids and cochlear implants, a holistic treatment concept has been developed at the kbo Children's Center in Munich. The focus is not only on the technical examination of the implant or hearing aid, but also on the individual development of each child, e.g. through music therapy, speech therapy, language support or psychological support.

Nevertheless, technology is the basis for optimal care. Modern audiometry equipment plays an essential role in this.
Audiometry tests the understanding of sounds and speech at different pitches and volumes. This takes place in a soundproof room. But of course this does not correspond to the reality of a child - with "disturbing noises" as they occur on the street, in kindergarten or at school.

In order to be able to check whether children in kindergarten and school can cope well with all noises, develop directional hearing, filter out and understand teachers and classmates even in noisy environments - this requires modern audiometry equipment that can simulate these scenarios as best as possible in an examination situation.

In order to continue to offer patients the best possible care in the future, the "Hearing-Speech-Cochlear Implants" department needs two new audiometry systems that, in addition to "conventional" pediatric audiometry, are also capable of examining measurements of speech comprehension in noise and directional hearing. So that the hearing aid fitting and CI fitting can be optimally checked and adjusted and children like Paul have the best future prospects in terms of hearing.

"With the acquisition of two new audiometry systems, our children would have the most technically advanced equipment at their disposal to be able to check hearing gains as close to everyday life as possible and thus promote holistic development in the best possible way."

Prof. Dr. med. Volker Mall, Medical Director kbo Children's Center Munich


Patient story.

Simon loves his cochlear implants, which he even embellished with a little monster. The six-year-old was fitted with hearing aids as a toddler after being diagnosed with moderate hearing loss right after birth. However, as this hearing loss increased over the years, Simon initially received a cochlear implant on the left side at the age of four. With great success. Simon could now hear so much better than with the hearing aid that he himself expressed the wish for a second cochlear implant. Since last year, Simon has been wearing cochlear implants on both sides and no longer wants to be without them. In order to adjust the cochlear implants optimally, Simon has been coming regularly to the kbo-Kinderzentrum München since the operation. In addition, he receives early hearing support and speech therapy to promote his language development. Now Simon is a schoolchild and attends the first grade of the School for Hearing and Communication. What he is particularly happy about is that he can now finally recognize cars and motorcycles by their sound.

Simon and his cochlear implants

Hearing tests at the kbo Children's Center

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On behalf of our patients at the kbo Children's Center Munich and especially on behalf of the department "Hearing - Speech - Cochlear Implants", we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all donors, to our patroness and ambassador Princess Ursula of Bavaria, to the organizers and responsible persons of the BMW branch, to the musicians and the Cuvilliés Theater for organizing this wonderful benefit concert.
The funds raised will go towards the purchase of two new audiometry systems and ensure that children with hearing impairments at the kbo Children's Center in Munich can receive even better care in the future.

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