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Center for severely burned children.

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Good burn care also includes good aftercare. If scars have developed as a result of the burns, these must be regularly creamed, exercised with scar massages, and patients must wear a compression suit. If this is no longer sufficient, there are two established methods to soften and flatten the scar.

In both cases (medical needling on the one hand and fractional CO2 laser on the other), countless small holes are punched in the scar, mechanically in the case of needling by means of a needle roller, resulting in bleeding that must be regularly washed off the patient's skin postoperatively. This is an increased stress for the patient, it is painful and requires inpatient therapy.

The fractional CO2 laser (Ultrapulse Laser) follows the same therapeutic principle, but here the small holes are burned into the scar by means of the laser beam, there is very little bleeding, the patients are considerably less painful postoperatively than after needling and can often be treated on an outpatient basis. The fact that fractional CO2 laser therapy is so much more tolerable makes it desirable to offer this therapy to patients who are already going through hard times, the patient comfort alone made this therapy superior to medical needling.

Therefore, the Center for Severely Burn Injured Children will use the donations from the 2021 BMW Advent Benefit Concert to help fund the desired Ultrapulse Laser for the therapy of severely burn injured children. We hope that this use will meet with your approval and are very pleased with your participation and donation within your means!


Here you can see photos before and after laser treatment. Move your mouse over the image to see the before and after comparison.

Here you can see photos before and after laser treatment. Move your mouse over the image to see the before and after comparison.

What we do.

With six beds, the Center for Severely Burned Children in the Department of Pediatric Surgery at München Klinik Schwabing is the burn center with the largest number of beds in Germany and one of the largest specialized units for children with scalds and burns or other thermal damage in Germany. Every year, more than 300 young patients with thermal damage are treated here on an inpatient, day-care or outpatient basis.

It is a welcome development that the number of catastrophic burn injuries is decreasing nationwide.

Nevertheless, we continue to receive children with severe burn injuries from a radius of several hundred kilometers:
- Flame accidents and
- victims of house fires are also among them, as are
- railroad current injuries caused by climbing on railroad cars.

According to recognized medical guidelines, all burned children should be admitted to a center for severely burned children like ours.

"In addition to providing professional wound and scar care for the very painful injuries, it is also our job to help ensure that families don't break as a result of the situation. At first glance, these are superficial injuries, but the effects often go deep into the families involved."

Carsten Krohn, MD, Ltd. Senior Physician Pediatric Surgery, Munich Schwabing Clinic


Strong Together.

Patient stories.


2004: 3-year-old Antonia's Halloween costume caught fire from a candle. With severe burns on her left arm, she was admitted to the pediatric surgery center in Schwabing. At first it looked as if the fingers could not be saved. Many weeks of skin grafts and dressing changes followed, which the little child endured with stoic composure. In the following years, several more follow-up operations had to be performed, but everything went without complications. At the age of about six Antonia started Ju-Jutsu, a martial art, and at 14 she was called up to the national squad. She was able to move her arm as if the accident had never happened. And at 16, she won the silver medal in the Duo Classic at the World Championships in Athens.


The little patient Basmane burned herself on the open fireplace in her home village in Africa and was on fire from head to toe. She was brought to Munich for treatment with the help of a foundation and the association for severely burned children. The child underwent eight surgeries: Doctors removed wild tissue, cleaned the wounds and transplanted skin. Healthy skin is removed wafer-thin with a special plane and placed on the burned areas.


Three children from Uzbekistan (Irina, Elbek and Sherkon) were treated at the Munich Children's Hospital Schwabing in cooperation with Friedensdorf International and VFBB - Verein zur Förderung der Behandlung Brandverletzter e.V.. Irina's head was treated with gasoline instead of lice remedy, which ignited during washing in the steam bath. Because of the massive smoke she could hardly breathe and was immediately taken to a hospital in Uzbekistan. There, a tracheotomy was performed, which allowed her to breathe again. At the hospital in Schwabing, the trachea was found to be constricted, so that the girl had to be fitted with a tracheostoma again. tracheostoma. In addition to treating the scar contractures to allow Irina to move her arms again, everyone involved was concerned about whether Irina's trachea could be widened and whether she would one day be able to breathe on her own again: However, this goal was achieved!

Sherkon and Elbek

On the initiative of senior consultant Dr. Carsten Krohn and with the support of Friedensdorf International and the VFBB, Elbek and Sherkhon, both 11 years old at the time, were admitted to the clinic in August 2019 with severe scar contractures following burns. Elbek, who miraculously survived a gas explosion at his grandparents' home in 2017, suffered severe burns to both hands, face and feet. He could no longer use his hands, barely open his mouth and could not close his left eye. Sherkhon fell into a pit of hot embers in 2016 while trying to dispose of them, a "household accident" because many families in Uzbekistan still heat and cook with wood and coal. In the process, he sustained massive burns to both legs and his abdomen; he could no longer stand on his right leg, and the toes of his right foot were distorted upward and backward by the contracture. With admirable bravery and full confidence in the competence of "their German doctors", the boys endured numerous operations and skin grafts during several week-long stays in the children's hospital. In a very short time, they learned the German language, cheered each other up and turned their hospital room into a colorful temporary home. Elbek can use both hands almost completely, write, draw and bite into a big apple. Sherkhon's dream of finally being able to run and play soccer again has also come true.

Give children the best treatment.

Thank you.

As the city's healthcare provider, we are there for all Munich residents - at all times. We, the Munich Clinic and the pediatric surgery of the Munich Clinic Schwabing with the unit for severely burned children, thank all donors, the patroness Princess Ursula of Bavaria, the organizers and responsible persons at BMW, the musicians, as well as the Cuvilliéstheater for the organization of this wonderful benefit concert. We will use the donation money for the financing of a special CO2 laser for a painless and more effective post-treatment of bulging scars after severe burn injuries.

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