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Artists for Kids.

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What we do.

Children and teenagers are the most vulnerable part of our social structure – and yet they are the ones that will shape our future. To make sure life gets off to a good start for all children and teenagers, our team of educational advisors provides effective non-residential educational assistance services to help children cope with personal problems and acute educational and developmental crises.

Most of the children receiving our care still live at home and have in-depth support from a permanent supervisor for a period of up to two years.

Our support services are designed to avoid institutional care wherever possible, and also provide preparation and assistance for children about to leave residential care.

Artists for Kids works with the children as equal partners and develops tailored support arrangements for them, taking any special talents, skills and resources into consideration and providing systematic encouragement.

Over 4000 children, teenagers and families have successfully completed our programs to date, organized in close cooperation with the City of Munich Youth Welfare Office. The programs have provided support in all kinds of personal and family crises, but also in school graduations and career starts. The teams have worked with their clients during the support period to establish new perspectives and prospects that will pave the way for independent living over the long term.

“The most important thing to remember in dealing with children and teenagers is that these young people will shape our future – whatever happens.”

Bernd Eichinger ✝, Co-Founder Artists for Kids

Where your donations go.

Even in a city as prosperous as Munich, many of the children and teenagers we care for live in extremely deprived, cramped conditions. Education plays little role in their lives. Many of them may never have left Munich, or even their part of the city, in their whole lives. We believe that all children should have the opportunity to gain positive social experiences, encounter natural environments, and get to know other ways and places of life.

We were therefore particularly happy to see our long-held dream of our own country centre for holiday trips, learning camps, workshops and acute crisis respite care become reality in 2013.

Our centre in the nearby Allgäu region, supported by Munich radio station ANTENNE BAYERN, enables us to hugely expand our educational intervention services. It has already been home to 4000 overnight visits and helped over 900 children to have fun, exciting holidays and create a wealth of authentic and unforgettable experiences.

Building Phase 2:

Our country centre is currently embarking on the construction of urgently needed care, work and movement spaces, a range of creative laboratories and outdoor sports facilities. An old stable and large barn in the grounds will be extensively renovated to house the new premises.

We still urgently need support for furnishing and equipping the new care rooms, large theatre hall and outdoor facilities!

Artists for Kids will thus use all donations from the 2020 BMW Advent Benefit Concert for this urgently needed work and for additional sports facilities.

We hope you agree with this use of the funds, look forward to your participation, and thank you for your donations large and small!

Artists for Kids will therefore use all incoming donations from the BMW Advent Benefit Concert 2020 for the necessary equipment and additional sports activities in the outdoor area of the 'ANTENNE BAYERN hilft' house. We hope that this use will meet with your approval and are very pleased about your participation and donation within the scope of your possibilities!

Artists for Kids will therefore use all incoming donations from the BMW Advent Benefit Concert 2020 for the necessary equipment and additional sports activities in the outdoor area of the 'ANTENNE BAYERN hilft' house. We hope that this use will meet with your approval and are very pleased about your participation and donation within the scope of your possibilities!

Strong Together.

Celebrity supporters of Artists for Kids.

Harry G

“I have two children, and every day I’m thankful that they can grow up safe, comfortable, and well cared for in both material and emotional terms. But it is a sad fact that things are very different for many other households all over the country. With this in mind, it is only natural for me to accept the honour of working with ARTISTS FOR KIDS, to help children from unstable and deprived conditions find a path into a better future. Harry’s honoured!”

Nina Eichinger

“I support ARTISTS FOR KIDS because I firmly believe children need opportunities and security. That could take the form of being part of a solid team battling to win a football trophy, or studying with a supportive teacher to improve performance at school. But first and foremost, in these times we must never forget that in Germany too, there are still many young people in need of our help to get a fair chance of a better life.”

Rick Kavanian

“Trust is the most important thing. When you’re a child, it’s vital to have someone you trust in your life. ARTISTS FOR KIDS is excellent at building this basis of trust, which is the cornerstone of its successful work.”

Michael "Bully" Herbig

“I support ARTISTS FOR KIDS because when I was a kid, I would have been so happy if they had been around back then.”

Katja Eichinger

“I support ARTISTS FOR KIDS because it enables us to make practical and direct use of education to give young people support and open up a better future for them.”

Doris Dörrie

“I am deeply concerned by the deprivation suffered by children because of their parents’ political and social experiences. I am involved in ARTISTS FOR KIDS because all children should have equal opportunities to grow and develop.”

Katrin Lux

“As a mother myself, I see every single day how important it is to give my child attention, respect and love, but am also well aware of how much effort that can take. It’s wonderful that an initiative like ARTISTS FOR KIDS exists, and it’s incredibly important too, helping families and providing support when they are knocked off balance – whatever the reason.”

Thomas Peter Friedl

“Contrary to popular belief, even Munich has plenty of children and teenagers in need, and there’s a lot to do.”

Martin Moszkowicz

“Artists for Kids has been an important part of Constantin Film and my personal life since it was founded by Bernd Eichinger, Thomas Friedl and Thomas Beck and his educational support team. The association has delivered effective and innovative youth services for many years. I’m very proud to support this great initiative.”

Giving children a chance.

Thank you.

“True artists are those that think of others and help them, even – and especially – in these harsh times!

For a quarter of a century, that is precisely what Munich-based global automotive company BMW has been doing in a distinctive and inimitable way – the BMW Advent Benefit Concert. Our thanks and congratulations go to BMW for 25 years of outstanding dedication on behalf of disadvantaged Munich children, teenagers and families!

Special thanks go to star tenor Jonas Kaufmann, who will entertain us on this wonderful Advent evening, and, of course, to all our generous donors who send in their Advent donations to ARTISTS FOR KIDS during the free live-streamed concert.”

Thomas Beck, Managing Director Artists for Kids

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